Romantic Vacations: Ideas for Romantic Travel Destinations

Anniversary, honeymoon or for making up for the mistake you did; no matter why you are looking for places to fly for romantic vacations, you would be stuck with a few places due most of the resources like friends, some internet sites and so on. 
Top 10 Romantic Vacations You Have Never Thought Of
Top 10 Romantic Vacations You Have Never Thought Of
Do not bore your spouse with the same old places with water and beach. Why should Bahamas be always your choice? 
Earth has a lot of other places to choose other than the Caribbean Islands or Barbados. Why don’t you take a look at the other options that are scattered in front of you? 
After all, vacation is something to do different from the routine. Do not add a routine factor into the vacation planning process. Choose from the exotic and rare places for enjoying a beach getaway for some romantic time with your loved one.

Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean

South Pacific Ocean has a lot of romantic beach getaways than the north part of the ocean. Get a shelter in the exotic bluish lagoons. Wake up for a lavish nature filled walk on the tropical sands or have a sepia mode romantic time on the carriage drew by horses. Enjoy some adrenaline filled time on the horseback near the shallow waters. 
This is not the traditional vacation where you would be going for sightseeing and attractions. Starting from blue swimming holes to sea tortoise in the coral garden, this is a place to rejuvenate your love for each other with some private time.

St. Lucia, North America

St. Lucia
St. Lucia

St. Lucia is the place where people go for having a tropical and exotic wedding or anniversary. The place has 600 acres of beach with wonderful scenery.
 It is a private vibe that would take you away to an amorous place away from your routine. No windows, no walls and just 360 degree of just dripping romance with your love.

Montenegro, Europe

This is an island in the size of a large cottage. Enjoy romantic vacations on a large and ancient rock which is inhabited by whimsical resorts with sea view. 
Walk on bare foot through the olive garden, lie down on the warm sands of the beach holding hands or take a trip through the seaside estates, pine forest or enjoy some romantic time alone with your love in the ancient cedar. Enjoy a bath in the Skadar Lake. This lake has a romance filled legend.


This is an important place in the list of places for romantic vacations. Stay in the bungalow on the sea and enjoy some time in the underwater spa. Starting from snorkeling to romantic stroll on the beach, this has everything that would fit a romantic weekend theme. 
Stay in the bungalow on the sea and enjoy some time in the underwater spa. Starting from snorkeling to romantic stroll on the beach, this is your personal place for kindling your spirit.

Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys

Do you know that there are more than 15 islands that still remain as secret places for romantic vacations and are totally disconnected from the harsh real life? These are private islands which are the best locations for some romantic getaways.
 How about a vacation where you can have a picnic on the white sands, leaning over the coconut trees? Enjoy some romantic time on the beach on the wooden chairs that would wet your feet with sea water every now and then. 
This is the place where you can have some hammock time alone with her and have some private passionate time under the coconut umbrella.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo San Lucas

How much will you and your spouse like a champagne cruise? There are wine cruise options too. If you are a music lover, try the Jazz cruise
On the beach where desert and mountain meet, you can have some romantic time on the couch on the beach, rent water taxi, stroll on the pacific beach, escape from this earthly place on a kayak and have dinner on the beach beds. 
This is the place on the romantic trips of Mexico that would introduce you to the romantic Narnia.

Salalah, Oman

couples vacation spots in Salalah
couples vacation spots in Salalah
Salalah is the place where you can take your love to the natural geysers, exotic crystal blue water and golden sands. It is the right retreat for a romantic charm. 
Starting from caves to walk through the seagull filled beach, this is the right place to take your spouse for an idyllic vacation. This is one of the very few places to have a beach vacation amidst desert terrain, It’s perfect for romantic vacations for two.

Greek Islands, Greece

Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Do you know that the Greek Islands are called as love islands? The luminous turquoise cover of water, never crowded sandy beaches, electrifying ambience and most importantly, the clenching breeze would pull you into romantic mood even if you are not visiting these islands for a romantic weekend.
 Strip off your shirt, roll over in the sand, get a right spot and enjoy the beach.
 Laze under the umbrella and experience some warm time with your special ones in the lagoons. Wade through the water and rest in the beach huts. A romantic vacation in the Greek islands would be luxurious in experience.

Neskowin, Oregon


This is a secret romantic destination as it always misses the eyes of those who are looking for a beach getaway. 
Private cottages, solitary mountains rooting up from the waters, confluence of velvet sea water and the grainy beach and the vivid sky during sunset are a few things that you are missing out along with Neskowin. 
This is a coastal playground for those who need a perfect romantic holiday.

Romantic weekend getaways can become magical if you choose the right place. Make sure to pick up exotic places like Anguilla, Kauai, Oahu and many others.
 World is filled with 3/4th of water and so are the beach places in the world for a romantic time-out. Pick up your favorite and go paint her heart with vivid colors.

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