Top 10 Islands for Romantic vacations

We’ve talked before about the best places to spend a romantic vacations in the United States and Romantic vacations in Texas.

Today, we are keen to accompany you on a private tour to the best Islands for romantic vacations because the island is always the best place where all the elements of romantic trips are available for its complete calmness, charming atmosphere and purity of nature.

We have talked in this article about 10 Islands around the world which will change the way you think, and inspire you to select a romantic destinations on the next vacation.

Top 10 Islands for Romantic vacations

1-The magnificent island of Taketomi in Japan:

Taketomi in Japan
Taketomi in Japan
An island off the Coast of Ishigaki Island, its one of the most beautiful islands of Japan, a relatively small island, but fascinating and full of per floor homes which are of stone walls covered with red Swedish tiled roof and are wonderful and beautiful getaways for couples.
It also has many restaurants, selling food shops and local crafts and you can explore the island either by walking or hiring a bike with a cost 300 yen per hour, 1,500 yen per day.

The island provides another way to a fun tour, is by water buffalo, which will take you on a tour for 30 minutes and go through the old streets and you will see the Nagominoto Tower of length 4.5 m
The island also possesses several beaches like kondoi beach with white sand and turquoise waters, where the toilets and bathrooms for showers are available and it spreads around it many shops that rent umbrellas for a cost 1,500 yen and there is another beach on the island that shoots thousands of small crustaceans in the shape of sea star, this beach is the most visited of the island where the children enjoy seeing these crustaceans, identify it and play with it.

How to reach the island:

you can reach it by ferry, where there are three gateways that provide daily flights between Takitomi and Ishagaki every 30 minutes and the cost of the round-trip ticket 1,280 yen.

2. The island of Maui, Hawaii

island of Maui
island of Maui
The island of Maui is an example of animated nature as it includes breathtaking landscapes. . This island attracted many readers and raised their interest ,it is areal paradise .It combines between tropical nature and means of American relax .It offers plenty of activities such as whale watching , water sports and stunning waterfalls and also contains 7 swimming pools and views of the stunning nature along the way while walking on the beautiful white sand beaches. that’s perfect for couples vacations. watch this travel guide about Maui:

3- the island of Kauai, Hawaii

best romantic getaways in Kauai, Hawaii
best romantic getaways in Kauai, Hawaii
It features a warm and quiet atmosphere. It is a small piece of paradise and its green plants reflect the feeling of relax. This island provides for those who are brave the opportunity of riding a helicopter and opening the door to see the island from the top.

4- Maldives, Indian Ocean.

Maldives Indian Ocean
Maldives Indian Ocean
This island is a wonderful example of calmness and relaxation, is a symbol of unspoiled nature. There are many resorts and villas. You can dive into the turquoise waters, stretch on white sand and dine at sunset, this scene is awesome and incredible. You can also photograph postcards. These islands are of high water surface to two meters only, makes it ideal for those resorts, For the importance of these islands, the Maldivian Government created a special Ministry called Ministry of atolls. Dont Miss This View from Above- Maldives :

5. Kiawah Islands, South Carolina

romantic getaways Kiawah Islands
Romantic getaways Kiawah Islands

It’s called Paradise Island. It is a great place to spend the holidays away from the noise of city life where there are romantic island resorts and white sand beaches stretching for miles long, this island impresses individuals as it contains extensive beaches and games like tennis and golf clubs and has hosted many tournaments. It also have fantastic views of wildlife.

Resorts on Kiawah Island, Sibrok and Edisto Island are romantic destinations, where you can enjoy some privacy.
Oak groves and Palm trees covered with algae, give a spirit to the place in the lokantri district where people come frequently.

6- The Nansha Islands:

Nansha islands
Nansha islands source:
The Nansha Islands are located in the South of all the Islands on the South China Sea and consists of more than 230 islands .Its length from South to North is over 920 km and from East to west is over 740 km and the area between the Islands and the Mainland is less than 3 square kilometers. Its main islands are the Taiping, Nanoi, Chinghai and others.

7. Bora Bora island

Bora Bora island
Bora Bora island source:

This island is located near Tahiti Islands, are known for their distinctive blue color sea where there are fishes of assorted colors, this scene conveys a feeling of contentment and silence. The natural painting drawn on these islands is decorated with romantic wooden houses that give the place an artistically distinctive sparkle.
French Bora Bora Island:
It’s looks as if it were a fictional scene of a romantic vacations for two with its blue sky , lush evergreen trees and tranquil waters, all paint an attractive spectacle that makes.

This charming Island is located away from pollution and man-made noise in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and is a part of the Leeward Islands that follow France as a part of the French territories are located overseas (i.e. belonging to France but outside the European continent!).

Bora Bora Island is located at a distance of 265 km north west of the island of Tahiti, is a volcanic island consisting originally of remnants of dormant volcanoes!

As for the unusual name, Bora Bora means in the Tahitian language “first born“, because it (as the locals say) was the first island to be known after the Raiatea. Islands.

Bora Bora is characterized as being surrounded by coral reefs from most directions, while there is a large lake west of it.

Its population does not exceed the 9, 000 inhabitants (according to 2007), and its inhabitants depends mainly on tourism as a source of income, whereas its products are marine products and coconut trees crops.

Bora Bora became a French protectorate in 1842, and remained so until today. It is noteworthy that the flight from Paris to Bora Bora takes between 20 and 22 hours!

8-The island of Ambergris Caye

The island of Ambergris Caye
The island of Ambergris Caye source:
The island of Ambergris Caye in Belize in Central America, bounded on the North by Mexico and Guatemala to the South and West and to the East the Caribbean Sea,got the title of the first island in the world, for the second consecutive year by the world’s largest travel siteTrip advisors.”
The island contains the second largest collection of the world’s coral reefs, limestone caves, and tropical rain forests crowded with waterfalls

9-Islands of Guadeloupe:

Islands of Guadeloupe
Islands of Guadeloupe
It is a group of five islands in the Caribbean Sea and within the French islands, and are making an effort to attract tourists from English-speaking regions of America and other parts of the world. There are direct flights to these Islands from New York, Miami, and Monterrey. And these islands are concerned with Eco-tourism, and have significant activity in the marine reserves and many sites which did not change its nature and untouched by any human housing projects. It is far from the congestion of the other Caribbean Islands. It is famous for its local cuisine that combines Caribbean and French cuisine. It provides an open invitation to tourists in 2015. Islands of Guadeloupe considered the best for tropical romantic vacations.  for more information watch this video:

10- Fiji islands:

fiji islands
fiji islands
it is a group of Islands consists of approximately 332 islands located in the South of Pacific Ocean, of which about a hundred inhabited islands. It is famous for being a luxury tourist destination for honeymooners. In the new tourist season, it offers tour packages to fit all budgets also. There are many resorts that offer dreamy package tours in a quiet atmosphere and far from the world.The tourist can do a lot of activities such as scuba diving among the coral reefs, or visiting the botanical gardens or small towns that enters each “according the classification of «UNESCO»” within the humanitarian heritage. Fiji was a British protectorate until 1970. And one of the most advanced economies in the South of Pacific Ocean.

For more information about Fiji watch this video :

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