Top Three Tropical Vacations

Tours to the Islands aren’t in summer only, but you can spend an enjoyable tropical vacations in the most beautiful islands, which emit a dreamy romantic atmosphere appropriate for each couples looking for relaxation away from the noise.
Tropical Vacations
Tropical Vacations
Travelours” accompany you on a tour to the most famous islands that welcome you in this season.

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Tropical Vacations
Tropical Vacations info graph

Three tropical vacations islands where wintertime holiday will be pleasant:

“Maui” in Hawaii “:

Tropical Vacations in maui
Tropical Vacations in maui
It is considered the second largest island of Hawaii “in terms of size and includes many natural breathtaking Landscapes that you can spot while you are walking on the beautiful white sand beaches, water sports and also enjoy watching whales in the water during the winter, particularly in February.

And don’t miss the opportunity to ride the waves, which is the most popular sport in “Maui“, available year round, with warm water, especially that the average water temperature 23 ° c in winter, while in summer 27 ° c.

You can relax in the most beautiful island resorts, particularly in: Honua Kai Resort and Spa the four star hotel, which is located along the beach North “Kaanapali”. Featuring luxury suites, each with its own beach and features 3 swimming pools, equipped with all water sports equipment. The main restaurant offers varied dishes of “Hawaii”.

“Bora Bora” in French Polynesia:

watch this 7 minute video from Bora Bora , French Polynesia:

This volcanic island is one of the most beautiful tropical islands, which suitable for perfect tropical vacations. famous for its coconut trees and rare black pearl, and its waters dyed blue gradients , winter in this island is from the more populous times with tourists and includes June, July ,August ,September and October .

The most famous resorts of the island:

InterContinental Bora Bora Thalasso & Spa five-star hotel, featuring private villas are built over the water, each with a wonderful panoramic view, plus a fitness room, Turkish bath and outdoor pool.

“Bali “in Indonesia:

Tropical Vacations in bali
Tropical Vacations in bali

Bali is the most famous destination for honeymooners and its opponent also is costa rica honeymoon .We will talk about the most beautiful places to honeymoon on “Travelours “later.

“Bali” features in tropical forests, lakes and waterfalls, rivers and deep valleys and picturesque rice terraces.

Kota” is its most popular beaches, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy sunbathing and water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, paragliding and enjoying the sunset. This island is located about 6 degrees south of the equator. January is the best time to swim in it.

Tropical vacations in Jamaica:

Tropical Vacations in jamaica
Tropical Vacations in jamaica

Jamaica, the unique gem of Caribbean Islands, the country of real pirates in the past..

its people is jovial ,you feel as if you know them a long time ago. They are famous for their long , wrapped and flowing hairs and sports rakish bodies with their color mixed-race from swimming so that the life of the sea and its mysteries is the essence of their lives and no wonder it is around and its star blue, bordered from the north Cuba, the Bahamas and Haiti island to the east ,the Caribbean Sea to the South and West.

The most important cities:

the capital Kingston , Montego and San Andrew where they are vibrant ports with Jamaica trading partners like the United States, Canada , Trinidad ,Tobago and Venezuela .In it, there are archaeological areas that tell the date of receipt of the colonized on the island ,built from the rare architecture of passing centuries.

ln Jamaica, tourism places 2013 alter its first cash income of marijuana or ganga in the language of the local population to the tourism industry.

Jamaicans are famous for that they love music. It reflects their view on the story of luxuriant life of ancestors in Africa and the status that they were taken as slaves in the colonies of the white man, either expressing their lives through dance is an expression of joy at weddings and harvest , called «kwadril dance» , is the modern civil as they borrowed from white colonizers and is almost a tradition. There is a dance of grief and it is derived from the African Congo dances, is called « dinky dance» and is a true expression of their African ancestry. There local music is known as «leo muntu» and their fellow immigrants to America presented this music and others for a better life to American audiences and climbed to the top ranks of global for its transparency. “Jimmy Cliff» is one of the most famous singers.

It remains to know that the Carbine Jamaicans are proud of their society by their day .. The mild weather throughout the year , laws that encourages investment and tourism available to all classes of the rich and the poor ,the clean country with its calm city and charming beaches and gulfs which its golden white sand stretches ,with coconut trees in sight of beautiful colored cake with green candles and good population whose smiles override their faces, pay lovers of quietness from all over the world to go to Caribbean bride. Jamaica.

finally I hope you enjoy tropical vacations in this magic places feel free to write your comment about tropical vacations.

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