Romantic vacations in Texas

Why Would Someone Choose Texas For Romantic Getaways?

Romantic vacations in Texas

Blame the media or blame the history book; Texas is always seen as a place for some cowboy magic. Beyond that presumption, there lies a vast land of majestic beaches, warm canyons, architecture, culture, nature and nightlife. Are you looking for some places to spend a weekend with your special one to boost the romance in you? There are a lot of exotic and peaceful places for you to enjoy in this land.

Beaches In Texas for romantic vacations:

Once again, take the picture of desert and salons filled with cowboys out of your mind. This is the right place to have romantic beach getaways. Texas covers more than 100 miles of just white, grainy sand beaches. The most beautiful of all are the Mustang and Padre Islands. Starting from warm springs to exotic nature life, this place attracts a lot of honeymooners. Take a stroll through many breath-taking trails with your special one and spend a lazy afternoon, rolling over on the beach sands.

Country Wineries

Hill Country Resort
Hill Country Resort source :
Are you looking for weekend getaways for couples for some ‘we’ time? Take a trip to the wineries, walk holding hands amidst the grape forest, sample delicious wine cuisines, make her stomp grapes and mess her make-up with a hand full of crushed grapes and even more. You can also take up wine trails or wildflower trails to have some alone time amidst the nature.

Romance In The Urban Style

Romance In The Urban Style
Romance In The Urban Style

Who wants solitary beach and have nothing to see other than the gushing waters all day? Are you looking for something lively? Get some vivacious romantic vacations in Texas in the urban style. San Antonio is the city for romance in Texas. Have a cruise night, intimate dinner time, some club time, wine smearing, hand holding through idyllic walks and some local food to extol.

The Momentous Way Of Romancing – Georgetown

log cabin

Texas is for cowboys, no matter how much you spray urban paint on it. Take some carriage ride with your special one like in the old movies. Hire a log cabin, spend some intimate time and enjoy the sunset. A log cabin, crackling woods, starry night and perfect peace is all that would take to make an authentic romantic getaway.

Romantic Cruise On Lake Ray Hubbard

Romantic Cruise
Romantic Cruise

Can you paint romantic vacations in a better way than a moonlit night, half filled champagne glass, water sprinkling, sunset on face and a loved one to hold as the day merges with the night to create a dreamy dusk? The lake is a must stop for those who are looking for romantic weekend getaways.

Texas is huge; it has a heart of romance and a cover of wonder filled land. You cannot scrutinize all the romantic factors in this city. You can just be a guest and enjoy it with your loved one. From luxurious spas and resorts to original nature dripping paradises, this land is a heaven. You can have a getaway that you want to experience without forgoing any need.

Happy Romantic vacations in Texas in the United States

Texas U.S. State is so beautiful place for romantic holidays and currently a lot of newly married seek to spend the honeymoon there as there are many quiet places that give a wonderful romantic atmosphere for couples … At “Travelours“, we highlight places worth visiting. In this article, we will tell you about some wonderful cities in Texas which are Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas.

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1-Romantic vacations in Austin:

Romantic vacations in Texas Austin
Romantic vacations in Texas Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas, Travis County Metropolitan. Located in Central Texas. And it is the fourth largest city in Texas after Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, and the 16th in the United States.

Its population reached 690252 inhabitants according to the 2005 estimates. The city is the cultural and economic center of the area of Austin – Round Rock.

Austin City is located on the Colorado River, about 250 kilometers west of Houston. The Austin metropolitan area is 659 km2, and the urban area is 11,090 km2, and its population is 1249763 inhabitants.

The University of Texas is at Austin and is one of the strongest universities in the world, especially in chemical engineering.

Austin City is strongly characterized by its greenness, literally and figuratively, as the population is eager to enjoy the environment with its lush parks and cold lakes that are rare anywhere else in Texas. Being one of the main cities in the country in the production of wind energy and bio-diesel, Austin aims to eliminate CO2 emissions from all municipal activities.

2-Romantic vacations in San Antonio:

The River walk San Antonio
The River walk San Antonio.
The city of San Antonio is almost 3.30 to 4 hours away from Houston but it is worth to be visited. Romantic vacations in San Antonio have a very nice impression for lovers.

It is a beautiful city, very calm not like Houston. There are tourist offices everywhere like Thailand or Malaysia

There are 4 death trains. And each one is greater than the second, and one of them is among the top 5 world’s trains
For this entertainment city is divided into two parts, the first for games and second section for the water pools and beautiful movements
Ticket prices: adult $ 50, and $ 30 for young (approximate price)
It is open in almost all summer days. … In winter, it have different dates

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas
Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas

You must have strong fitness if you want to go to this place.Unfortunately there are no such instructions for searched … Pregnant women in the first months shouldn’t go because it will be a very arduous journey.

You will descend to the cave more than 70 meters underground. When you get off, everything is pleasant.

Almost every two hours, visitors gather and go to their mentor to learn about the cave.

San Antonio children’s Museum

San Antonio children’s Museum. source:
San Antonio children’s Museum. source:
This museum includes more than 80 interactive and practical presentations, in addition to the weekly scientific and technical activities for children ages 2-10 years, reading and early education programs such as “reading adventures “. The Museum aims to sensitize and educate children through play and fun.

The Zoo of San Antonio

The Zoo of San Antonio
The Zoo of San Antonio
It is one of the best zoos in the United States, where more than 3,500 animals of 750 different species and is located on an area of 35 acres. It is divided into several environments and areas such as “the plains of Africa” and the rainy “forest of Gibbons” that birds flap all over it. This is in addition to the mini garden for children under five and Aquarium of “Richard Frederick” and many others. The park also cares about a number of successful breeding programs.

The River walk

This custom path for pedestrians down a street of shops, restaurants and attractions and it passes beneath bridges as two parallel corridors between “the Alamo” and ” River-center Mall” and between “Arneson River Theatre” to “hemispheres Park ” and many other attractions of San Antonio. This walk welcomes hikers every day of the year.

3-Romantic vacations in Fort Worth

Tourist sites in Fort Worth:

The River walk San Antonio
The River walk San Antonio. Copyright © 2012 City of San Antonio
If you want to know why Fort Worth enjoyed such prominence in the history of the American cowboy, go to the Hall of Cowboy in Texas, where you will have a fantastic look on the role played by both women and men in cowboy culture that relates to this section of the United States. But it does not stop with the Cowboys only, but the Museum of science and history in the city also attracts many visitors to this day, and it illustrates the role of Fort Worth in scientific development in 20th and 21st centuries. For more attractions in Fort Worth you can head to the botanical gardens, the Zoo, or the pattern and printing office where you can see how they were making banknotes in the country from beginning to end.

Activities of entertainment in Fort Worth:

Fort Worth could be the capital of cowboy of Texas, but this city, constantly evolving, is also a Great location for the arts. Fort Worth one of the best places for romantic vacations in Texas. The most popular festivities is the Fort Worth Arts Festival, which is the eighth largest arts festival in the United States. The event is held in the month of April and it attracts thousands of people from all over the country. If you want to enjoy some rest and relaxation when you travel to Fort Worth, go to any Park in the city, especially Burnett garden. There is also many cafes in the city center where you can enjoy spending time, see people and enjoy a light snack (hearty, too!).

“Peace Performance “Hall is the place for the concerts of the Symphonic Orchestra in Fort Worth, try not to miss the visit it.

Dining in Fort Worth:

The most popular dish you should encounter many in Fort Worth is of course steak dish (beef steak). Of course, it represents the spirit of the West, and cattle still plays a big role in the economy of Texas, this means there are an abundance of traditional American restaurants in Fort Worth, from traditional restaurants which offer sliced steak piled to more sophisticated restaurants. In each case, there are some other dishes that may deserve a look, including frozen custard sundae with ice cream, and original” Tex-mix dishes” (food with a Mexican influence).

Shopping in Fort Worth:

When you travel in Fort Worth, you will be surrounded by many shoppers who wear more typical American accessory which is a cowboy hat or “Stetson”. If you want to acquire an original souvenir to remind you that you’re on a trip to Fort Worth, go to shops that manufacture and sell cowboy hats since 1911. If you want to acquire some artifacts of Western soul, stroll on Main Street where you will find a lot of options out there. If you want another souvenir of Cowboys, you can always choose a pair of cowboy’s real leather boots.

4-Romantic vacations in Dallas:

you should watch this 5 minute video from about Dallas:

Dallas one of the best city in Texas, United States. Also, Metroplex is one of the places worth visiting, offering visitors a variety of beauties and fantastic activities that could not see anywhere else.

Lets know the best places there :

1- six Flags: the six flags are over Texas and located on the road 2201. It consists of 6 flags which were on the forefront of amusement park which provided Horse riding, and more for visitors of the Dallas area.

2-cowboy’s stadium: It is home for Cowboys, contain a variety of sports and diversion occasions. However, many visitors come to the Cowboys stadium for visits. In addition to The main role, the Cowboys provides games to American Football Association It is a mulch-purpose arena.

3-McKinney Coach: McKinney coach in Dallas is the actual cart system which redefines how the cart from indigenous to mid-20 from eternity. Rotary ot the trolley provides a beguiling and helpful mean to see the area historical of Dallas.

4-Billy Bob: with adjacent to 3 spaces within one particular ceiling., “Billy Bob” enjoys a distinctive size of “Texas.” and there are large and small bar that hosts top musical works for the country.

5-Hall of fame:
It is the national hall for cowgirl for celebrity galleries with appearance and anniversary souvenirs.

Finally We have a fast romantic trip within the charming cities of Texas hope to hear your opinions in the comments.

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