Best Romantic Getaways for couples

Romantic Getaways for couples

Romantic Getaways for couples

After a time of the marriage, often a state of repetition and boredom occurs because of the monotonous life, and absence of sensationalism on the events of daily living, then it has to do something that renews activity, and restores happiness to life. But How does it happen?!
Some propose to change the furniture, buy new clothes or go on a trip away from traditional married life.
But experts suggest a romantic getaway for couples in a quiet location.

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Top 10 getaways for couples for a happier vacation

1 – Getaways for couples in Riviera Maya

couples getaway in Riviera Maya
couples getaway in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a tourist area and a resort in Mexico city, it is located on the particular coast freeway, a distance of 307 km across the Caribbean Sea in Quiintana Roo, in the eastern part of the Yucataan peninsula.

This region started historically in town of  Tulum village, although the cities associated with Puerto Morelos placed on the north. among Playa delete Carmen and also Cancun in addition to the area associated with “Felipe Carillo Puerto”. Carrillo Puerto are located 40 km southern of Tulum, both of which becoming offered within the.tourist pathway of “Riviera Maya”.

Tourism in Riviera Maya:

Riviera Maya is usually a key fascination throughout the world, where coastal water activities and corals that rely on coastal waters and the barrier on the Central America’s reef, which often will begin in close proximity to Cancun along with remains across the coast associated with Riviera Maya and continues South to “Guatemala” , this system represents the barrier reef .

There are the most frequented locations. which include water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming at Rocky gaps, horseback riding, sailing, guided jungle trips, and archaeology, which is a major tourist attraction in the region, such as the common archaeological sites managed through the National Archaeological Institute like “Tulum” , and “chichen itza”, where also some small archeological ruins is recorded within attractions, but it is a natural water gardens run by simply exclusive business consortia to attract crowds much bigger because of the diversity of the activities offered.

Riviera Maya is the most weekend getaways for couples in Mexico and probably the most visited, it is a protected area, a perfect getaway for couples as it is a special place for diving with white sandy beaches and blue waters.

Riviera Maya includes a number of locations such as Puerto Morelos, which has many hotels, coastal economic restaurants and beaches here are perfect for surfing, snorkeling and diving, and the coral reefs extend just a short distance from the beaches.

2- vacations for couples in Barbados:

vacations for couples in Barbados
vacations for couples in Barbados
Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean Sea and is one of the most prestigious tourist cities in the world where in Barbados the most prestigious and luxurious hotels on the planet besides tourist resorts as well as have the magic of nature and the beautiful landscapes.

It is a tourist city that offer visitors everything they want in a world of tourism so it is atypical getaway for couples.

Barbados is located in the extreme east of Caribbean Islands, specifically east of West India Islands (West Indies) It is exposed to winds from the West.
Coral beaches in it are characterized by white sand and the sea converts indefinitely from the shiny blue to the green.

Barbados is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles. The country stretches along 34 km and 23 km and thus has an area of 431 square kilometers. The island is located in the Western region of the northern Atlantic Ocean, 100 miles east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea.

Barbados is just about 168 km east of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and 400 km to the North-East of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is fantastic for whose search for cheap weekend getaways for couples.

3- couples vacations St Martin:

couples vacations St Martin
couples vacations St Martin
Saint Martin Island is the most beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, perfect for tropical vacations.

The island is divided into North and South. The North is a French colony while the South is a Dutch colony. It was inhabited before Columbus discovered it for more than 100 years. When we speak of Saint Martin, there are two: St. Maarten which is a part of the Dutch part that can be accessed via the airlines that I will mention later. There is also Saint Martin, which follows the French part of the island.

French is the official language in the North and Dutch is the language of the southern, but English is used throughout the island extensively. Officials in the South began to realize the importance of the island in the mid-1950s, then they began attracting tourists from America, Europe and the rest of the world till the island become one of the best tourist destinations globally especially it have resorts for couples.
This island has one of the finest airports at the Caribbean called the Princess Juliana airport which is located on the outskirts of one of the island’s beaches, where the clientele enjoy the beach and watching aircraft over their heads in an incredible landscape.
There are plenty of fun tourist activities on the island such as boating sailing and horses and much more.

For accommodation there is a little difference in price between the French and the Dutch part of the island, there are hotels, resorts for couples and also high-end villas with strategic locations in this Caribbean paradise. Really, it is a fantastic getaway for couples.

4- St Barts

romantic anniversary getaways in st barts
romantic anniversary getaways in st barts image source:
The island of St. Barts is among the nicest and coolest romantic anniversary getaways on the planet, it combines French elegance and the smell of the countryside, this island is one of the four areas within the Leeward Islands in the northeastern of the Caribbean Sea, comprising the French West India islands, along with the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Saint Martin.

St. Barts has 21 small beaches, kolumber beach at the western end, and is accessed by boat, and Grand beaches also is popular and attractive with its hotels and other facilities, particularly for families. Thousands of tourists come to St. Barts for diving and seeing sharks, which live in the warm waters of the Caribbean Islands, lobster, oysters, green sea turtles, which abound in the waters around there. Expedia website recommended St. Barts as getaways for couples

5-Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia” the charming nature”

couples vacation Jade Mountain resort
couples vacation Jade Mountain resort. image source:
What is your reaction when you arrive after a long journey to your resort and find your room consists of three walls, and inside the room, there is a pool?

That is Jade Mountain, which is a unique luxurious experience that the tourist live in the East Sea in a unique site in Saint Lucia St. Lucia, where the resort is located on a hill 600 meters high above sea level, on the ruins of the historic district of Anse Chastanet once was a sugar cane farm and then switched to a farm of tropical cocoa trees.
The resort opened in autumn 2006 in the form of a multi-level building, every room in the resort has no fourth wall to give you a chance to meet nature and have harmony with it without hindrance and, at the same time this ensures you a complete privacy by providing a private pool in the room, a swimming pool without end; its water fuse with the Caribbean Sea in the distant horizon which gives a wonderful sense. The cost of a night ranges from 950 to $ 2,700

Everyone visited it said that images – as well as words – will not be able to transfer the excellency, luxury and the beauty of the resort with full and strict form, just relaxing on the bed, you find yourself amidst a lush forest and transparent waters in a dramatic landscape with Gros Piton and Piti mountains floating in the Caribbean Sea, and luxury yachts that roam back and forth.what a beautiful getaway for couples to renew their love!!!

The most distinguishing feature of the resort is the terrace, known as the Celestial Terrace which is a spacious balcony, located in the spa party and overlooks the sea and the sky, from it, you see the creative sunset with the smell of dinner chefs prepare in this place.

6- Lily Beach Resort & Spa

lily beach resort & spa
lily beach resort & spa. image ource:
The all-inclusive, 5-star Lily Beach Resort and Spa is located at Huvahendhoo, it offers villas and suites with free Wi-Fi. It also awaits the guests 2 outdoor swimming pools , a diving Center and 5 food and beverage options.
The Resort of Lily Beach is located on the South ARI atoll island , 600 meters long and 110 meters, and is a 25 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport.
Each villa and suite has an adapted terrace or wooden surface, and was prepared with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and home theater system.

The units include a machine for espresso, and tea making facilities, a safe and a minibar. There is also a private bathroom with shower and spa bath.
Comprehensive treatments are offered for youth rejuvenation in spa suites available over water in Tamara Spa. Recreational facilities include a fitness Center and tennis courts. The resort also offers snorkeling equipment and includes a Garden of reefs house. The convenient location of the resort allows easy access to over 40 dive site.

The outdoors Lily Mae restaurant has a panoramic look on the Lake and is a buffet available all day with selected 70 types of excellent wines. Tamarind restaurant also offers blended Indian and Chinese cuisine while The Wave presents fresh lobster.

Finally “Travelours” try to write more about Romantic vacations and Getaways for couples. because we believe in Romantic trips make us happy let me know your opinion in comments.

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