Sunoco gas card offers fleet managers better option at managing fleet

When you run a business that has to deal with fleets, the last thing you want are vehicles that get stuck in the middle of nowhere just because they can get gas. As a business owner, you already know that your fleet is necessary and you do all to manage them the best you can. When you have so many vehicles to manage, proper maintenance of vehicles and proper follow-up of drivers is what is needed to become successful. That is what the Sunoco gas card offers.

Sunoco gas card

For fleet managers, the major worry that they have is the cost of fuel. The rising trend in fuel prices has done nothing to help with management of fleet. Thankfully for such fleet managers, Sunoco gas card has come to help them. Which fleet a manager doesn’t want a better way of managing the way drivers use fuel? Which manager is not happy to be able to manage their monthly expenses of fuel from one platform. That is what the Sunoco gas card is offering companies that run the fleet. A better and cheaper way to run a fleet without going home each night wondering what happened to all that fuel.

Do you really need a gas card?

Yes, you do if you run a fleet of cars and have to manage cost such that your department in the company still remains useful in a year to come. No company wants an agency that seems to be a leaking pot of money. Businesses exist to make money; that can only happen if expenses can be kept reasonable.  There are many reasons why the card from Sunoco Gas Company should be used in managing the way your fleet consumes fuel:
  • All your expenses on fuel from all vehicles on your fleet can easily be managed from one platform
  • You do not need multiple accounts when it comes to fuel management. With your Sunoco gas card comes an account that you can manage online right from your desk.
  • There is no reason for your vehicles to be stuck in different places because they can’t find a Sunoco gas station to use. With the Sunoco gas cards, your vehicles can be refilled at almost any gas station across the nation.
  • There are always Sunoco gas deals available to cardholders

What are your fleet card options?

Based on Sunoco's corporate policy of making life easy for their customers, they have come up with different fleet card options that those managing fleets can use. Those who are interested in a secure and cost-effective way of managing their fleets have at least four different options under which they can get the right card that suits their various needs. Available fleet cards include; suntrak, universal, over-the-road and corporate.

The Suntrak card is a Sunoco gas card that offers rebates based on percentages. With the Suntrak card, users can get up to 3% discount on all their fuel purchases. This is a good option especially at this time that fuel prices seem to be ever fluctuating. This card is accepted at all Sunoco stations across the nation. There is no setup fee needed for this card, but there is a monthly account fee of $10.

The Universal fleet card gives you a better way of controlling your fleet and at the same time benefiting from the Sunoco discount card. With this card, the vehicles on your fleet benefit from a discount of 6 cents per gallon of fuel that they fill up at a Sunoco gas station.  With a very low monthly card fee of $2 per card, it is an excellent option. This card offers the fleet manager a lot of control that will be hard to get with other types of gas cards.  It is possible to monitor and track the activities of different vehicles with a universal fleet card.  The security included in this Sunoco gas card ensures that driver’s IDs cannot be compromised. Best of all there are tax exemptions that come with this card. This Sunoco gas card is accepted at more than 90% of the different filling stations nationwide. This can have an initial set up cost of $40.

The over road card is a card that was created with trucks in mind. This Sunoco gas card can be used at over 90% of the truck stops across the country.  Trucks are known for always needing certain permits right on the highway. This over the road card is a good way to handle the different permitting needs that a truck may encounter on the road. With this Sunoco gas card, you can be sure that your trucks will be refilled at the indicated fuel price at different refill stations. Those that use Sunoco stations can be sure of a rebate of 4 cents per gallon.  You can even save more, up to 7 cents per gallon, if you refill your trucks at Sunoco sites found within the Wex fleet one rebate network. The good news is that even at non-Sunoco sites, you can have discounts of 3 cents per gallon. There are no monthly fees associated with this type of accounts. However, there is a one-off set up fee of $75, and there is an additional charge of $2 for each transaction done with the card.

The Sunoco corporate card is a better option for smaller businesses that would like to use a credit line to manage all expenses related to their fleet. This card does not need any setup fee, but it provides the fleet manager with a better way to manage all their invoices. This Sunoco gas card can be used at the more than 4,000 Sunoco stations across the country. There are no card fees associated with this card.

All the fleet cards offered by Sunoco can also benefit from the Sunoco MasterCard rebates. Apart from being able to get fuel anytime anywhere and at a discount, the Sunoco gas cards can also be used at ATMs. Different reports come for each of these fleet card options. The account holder can organise how they want their reports to be presented.

How do you get approved for a card?

Usually, it will seem an easy task as you can so online. However, even after you register online, there will be other paperwork that needs to be completed. If you are asking for one of the fleet cards, you will be required to give information about your business and the number of vehicles in your fleet. Once your application is submitted and all the necessary paperwork fully completed, you should allow at least four weeks before expecting a response.
The amount of credit that you will be approved of will be based on your ability to provide proof of income. Note that any other debts that you have will also be taken into account before the decision to issue a Sunoco gas card is made.

Managing accounts online

A Sunoco gas card makes life easy for fleet managers thanks to the availability of online accounts. Once your account is accepted and the different cards have been approved, it is advisable to go online and create an account. This is an important point for account holders to know. Getting approved for a Sunoco gas card does not automatically mean you get an online account. To be able to access your accounts online, you will have to go to the Sunoco site and create an online account.
Having an online account is important for managing all the different Sunoco gas card accounts. It is an environmentally friendly way of handling accounts as there are no hard copies of account statements. You can check all your activities and make payments for any outstanding bills. With your online account, you can add new users or remove others as the need arises.

A better level of security

 Thanks to the security measures put in place by Sunoco, the Sunoco gas cards are secure. Each cardholder has an ID that is specific to the holder. This makes it difficult for stolen cards to be used by unauthorised users. Right from their desk, the fleet manager can restrict the level of activity that can be done using a card. They can also completely remove card owners as well as add new ones.

A better way to manage your fleet

It is true that a Sunoco gas card can help save a huge fleet amount in fuel cost from the discounts that they get from using the card at filling stations. However, concerning fleet management, there is a lot of benefits that can be gained when a fleet uses Sunoco gas card.
As far as managing fleet is concerned, the idea is to be able to cost effectively manage as many habits as possible. To be able to do this, fleet managers need data that is a reflection of what is going on with their fleet. Although industry data may help in fleet management, they are most often too general to be applied to every scenario. With Sunoco gas card, data on how fleets vehicles consume fuel, the places they travel to and the number of miles before they need to refill their tanks can be gotten. Through the information found on your Sunoco gas card purchase activity reports, fleet managers can be able to spot unusual activities by drivers and unauthorised purchases.

Sunoco Rewards cards

save money with Sunoco gas card

You don’t have to run a fleet of cars to be able to benefit from Sunoco’s generosity. As an individual, you also can request benefit from discounts on fuel when you sue Sunoco filling stations. All that is needed is to apply for the Sunoco Rewards program. This allows users of the card to get a discount of 5 cents per gallon of fuel purchased.  Holders of the Sunoco gas cards for individuals can claim their discounts directly when they make purchases and pay directly at a point of sale. Purchases at the pump or in stores will be reduced by 5 cents per gallon of fuel consumed. In situations where there is no sense of sales system, cardholders may not get reductions at the time of buying fuel. Instead, any reductions will be credited to their accounts.

Advice on using Sunoco gas cards

While it is true that a Sunoco gas card has a lot of benefits and is a good choice for companies with a fleet. There are obviously some issues that may arise if users fail to read the fine print and only focus on the many benefits that are included in their package.
As good as the Sunoco gas card sounds, it comes with interest rates that some may consider high. What this means is that if you are one of those who forgets to remove any outstanding balance on their card, you may feel the pinch of having such a card. Failure to carefully manage your account and pay off existing balances when they are due can cause very high interests to accrue. Most times, this has been the cause of the discontent that some Sunoco gas card users have expressed. However, for those who are in the habit of paying off their debts at the end of the month, this shouldn’t be a call for concern.
Just like many other gas cards out there, the Sunoco gas card comes with terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the account manager of the card to ensure that they read and understand the terms especially those in fine prints. For those fleet managers who are looking to make a success of their business, having a Sunoco gas card can be the answer to all those lost invoices, unaccounted fuel consumptions and unauthorised payments that drivers used to make in the past. Your Sunoco gas cards give you a better and more cost-effective way to manage and monitor your fleet.

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