The Secret of Travel Cancellation Insurance


Travel insurances helps in the coverage of medical expenses, as well as, the financial losses that might be incurred by a person during travel either domestic, or overseas. However, there are times when you may not be able to get on the trip at all. For whatever reason you may have to cancel the trip, you might incur heavy losses for it. It is during times like these that a Travel Cancellation Insurance comes handy.

What Is the travel Cancellation Insurance?

Travel Cancellation Insurance

Possibly the most useful, as well as, worthwhile insurance among the different kinds that are available, Travel Cancellation Insurance helps cover the costs of a cancelled trip. It proves to be extremely expensive to interrupt or even cancel a prepaid of trip of any kind. However, these risks can be alleviated at just a fraction of the cost of the trip. In case you have paid a lot of money up-front for a tour, have a loved one who is in poor health, or have questionable health yourself, then this is the right insurance for you. So in case you want to bail out on a trip at the last minute, you will not wind up losing out all of your money.

We all scramble about with purchasing travel insurance for children and other such insurance, this one too is just as important. Although a lot of people tend to confuse themselves between travel medical insurance, and travel cancellation insurance, one must be aware that they aren’t alike in any way. These are offered by many insurance companies, and have been known to help in a number of situations.

There are several companies like Insure my trip, which ensures that none of their clients have to bear the brunt of losses, in case they end up cancelling their trips for some reason. However, generally it is common for insurance companies to exclude certain instances for cancelling their trip. Then there are a few other companies like Travel Guard which offer benefits like ‘Cancel for Any Reason’. In these insurances, you can cancel your trip for just about any reason. In fact you do not even need a reason to cancel, but still you will be covered for the losses that you may have borne otherwise.

Important Benefits

Trip Cancellation

As the name suggests Travel Cancellation Insurance benefits you if you ever had to cancel on your pre-planned trip. However, as is the case with most of the insurance companies, your reason for cancelling the trip must be among the reasons which they think are valid for coverage. All the non-refundable costs will be refunded in such a scenario. As already mentioned, you do not even need a reason for the ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ (CFAR) option. CFAR benefits cover varying amount. For Example, Insure My Trip covers anywhere between 50% and 75% of the cost depending on the policy that you choose.

Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

There are a range of benefits applicable under this insurance, which range all the way from the concierge services, right up to the document assistance. Some of the most common benefits include embassy referral, lost passport, interpreter referral, weather information, emergency message and also hotel accommodations.

Missed/Delayed Connections

delayed flight
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In case you had to suffer from missed flight connections or long-term delays, the trip cancellation insurance is the hassle free way to ensure your reimbursement.

Emergency Medical

Emergency Medical

Most of the travel insurance plans like European Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance Ireland etc which provide you with a comprehensive list of benefits. Although this does not provide as many benefits as these, you will however be paid for in case of illnesses or injuries which might occur for the first time during the trip. It also helps in the costs you may incur visiting the physician, using an ambulance and also prescription costs.

Delayed, Stolen Or Lost Baggage

Lost Baggage

Travelling itself can be quite stressful and as if that wasn’t enough, imagine having to bear with the stress of losing baggage. All of this can turn your dream trip, into your worst nightmare in an instant. The Trip Cancellation Insurance will reimburse for all your losses in such scenarios.

Who Is (Travel Cancellation Insurance) Useful For?

Travel Cancellation Insurance is useful for just about everyone who has pre-planned their entire trip. However, it is a lot more beneficial for people who will be going on a cruise, a short-term trip or even on an expensive vacation. If there is even a remote possibility that you may cancel your trip, then it is very important to ensure that the trip is covered to ensure that at least a section of the cost is reimbursed.

There are a few insurances that will cover on longer trips as well. But it will be a little expensive as compared to others. There are a few insurance companies who reimburse your expenses in terms of credit, and then there are companies like Insubuy that pay you in cash. So be sure that you check for the mode of reimbursement before purchasing a Travel Cancellation Insurance.

Weigh Your Options

Weigh Your Options

As is the case with one way travel insurance, and other such insurances, this too will have to be chosen wisely. Do not simply go for the first one you can find. Compare more than a handful options, and choose the one you think is the best among them for you. It is important to be careful while choosing this insurance, as mistakes on your part might mean heavy losses in case you end up cancelling an expensive trip. Check out all the things that will be reimbursed in case you end up cancelling a trip of yours, for any reason.


Considering the fact that all of our lives are absolutely unpredictable, it only makes sense to buy the right kind of Travel Cancellation Insurance before you go away on a great trip. In case of instances where you may suffer from a fractured leg, sudden illness or even an unexpected death of a loved one, you may have to cancel your trip. However, you do not have to bear the financial loss of this cancellation as long as you have an insurance to take care of it.

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