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Are you looking to find one proper place to live where you can find a best living experience as you witness the beauties in the annual Paris fashion show? Or are you terrified with the most popular question being asked on the internet and blogs of where to stay in Paris? Then perhaps the wait and fear is over and you should start your journey. But meanwhile have a look at some of the amazing sites we are going to introduce to you for stay in the great city Paris, France.


You visit this place and you are never going to fail the question of where to stay in Paris? The small town is unhabituated by the people from round the world and having different ethnic and social background. Since it is being in habituated by the people from outside so you would see a lot of different scaled shops being run by foreigners. Every one lives in peace with the hearts and minds open to the tourists. The city also has some modern development to watch because of the productive output by these people. So once you reach Paris, get to the nice place and inform everyone about where to stay in Paris.
 Left bank with answer to where to stay in Paris

The left side of Paris must commonly know as the Latin Quarter is the place once inhabited by the people who used to speak Persian with one another. The rate of living in this place varies from small to high priced. The place is known for the night life and busy days. The shops open up late in the day and are rapidly filled with the people in bars and café’s during the lunch and night timings. It doesn’t mean that the nights are noisy rather one can find easily a peaceful sleep if he/she wants to. Jardin des Plantes is the one best horticulture garden known to provide tourists best experience. So no more questions where to stay in Paris.


Fully crowded streets, pretty nightfall life and encouraging residential behavior is all what this place offers. The place is full of short sized streets making it even difficult for the cars to get through it. But one can easily find the hotels and restaurants in abundance ranging from small sized rooms to pretty large sized compartments. Boot sailing in the ground pools is abundant and Luxemburg garden are pretty much attractive for the tourists situated just a few miles away from the center. The very attractive church site Saint-Germain-des-Prés, developed on unbalanced and uneven rock stones are providing a long awaited fortress-like feeling to tourists. Saint Sulpice is also situated here which is a place residential to many of the top actresses from the drama and movie industry. Odeon is very much known for the movie houses in all over the Paris. So no more questions Where to stay in Paris when you got so much to feel and observe while on your stay over here.

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