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One Way Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance, irrespective of the kind that you may opt for, is extremely important to ensure that you face minimal financial risks. Some of the risks that are covered under travel insurances are theft, accidents, missed flights, illness, lost baggage, travel-company bankruptcies, terrorism etc. The potential loss which one might incur while on the trip varies from one person to another. However, it is important to remain prepared ahead of time before you head out on a trip.

What Is A One Way Travel Insurance?

Majority of the travel insurance policies are designed which keeping in mind that you will be going away on the trip for a stipulated amount of time before returning back home. However, there are times when we may be traveling abroad to work in a different country, or are unsure about how long our trip will extend, in such cases, one way travel insurance will come in handy.

Different From Standard Policies

The one way travel insurance does specifically what it claims to do, covers you just for the one-way travel. Regular travel insurances cover you for a significantly long period of time. In fact European Travel Insurance covers in multiple countries within EU s well. However, this one typically covers you for just a single week, and only during your journey to your destination country. While on one hand you will need to produce your return tickets to procure the travel insurance, there are companies like DUInsure which provide you with one way insurance, and needless to say you will not have to produce the flight tickets. But since, the insurance cover runs out pretty soon, you need to make sure that you leave for your destination with the given time frame.

There are companies like Essential Travel which will apply the one way travel insurance from the date you travel and this insurance will remain applicable for a few days after that. You will however be charged on a weekly basis from the time you procure the insurance.

There are very few companies like Go-Walkabout Travel Insurance don’t just cover the client just until they have reached their destination. In fact they cover well beyond the time they reach the destination country. The travelers remain covered until they settle in the new country and have made permanent insurance arrangements in that country. One can choose this period of time as well. In case you will be traveling for a while before reaching your destination country, which too is covered.

If you reach the destination sooner than the time specified, then the insurance cover will lapse within a period of 24 hours after your landing in the destination. Companies like InsureandGo, cover you for a period of 24 hours after you have cleared customs in the destination country.

Most of the companies providing travel insurance Australia, or otherwise, like DUInsure allow their clients to make use of the standard, traditional policies as a one way travel insurance as well. This can be done simply by informing the travel insurance company, as well as, confirming this in writing.

Coverage Requirements

As is the case with any other travel insurance, you will need to make sure that this travel insurance too provides you with a cover of a comprehensive level. This is to make sure that should something go wrong, you will remain financially protected in every possible way. Although while planning a trip, no one would like to take into consideration all the things that may go wrong, this is extremely essential. With the one way travel insurance, you can set off on your journey without worrying about things like accidents etc.

There is several cheap travel insurance out there. However, it is extremely important that you simply do not go for the very first cheap insurance that you see. A cheap insurance, doesn’t necessarily always translate into the best insurance. If you do fall into such a trap then you may be looking at minimal coverage which may turn to be absolutely useless when you need a claim. This in turn will see you burn a deep hole in your pockets.

There are several things offered by the travel companies in the one way travel insurance. You have to ensure that you are covered for things like illness, travel delay, baggage, missed departure, end supplier failure and also airline failure. One thing that you must make sure is on the list of things that is covered is the value of the flight, in case there was a need to cancel the same.

It is always considered to be sensible to buy one way travel insurance, the very minute you book your flight. In case something untoward was to happen resulting in you cancelling your flight, you will not be bearing the price from your pocket.

It isn’t too hard to find great travel companies which also provide the required policy for a one-way trip. Companies like Travel Insurance Services, Travelex and CSA will provide you with one way travel insurance, as long as, you produce the flight ticket for your journey out of the country.

Can My Pet Get A One Way Travel Insurance?

One Way Travel Insurance for pets
One Way Travel Insurance for pets
When people are going away from the country, then it is quite common to take their pets along with them as well. Although the regular one way travel insurance covers just the people who are traveling, a modified version of the same, One Way Pet Migration Insurance too is provided by certain companies like Go-Walkabout Travel Insurance. The insurance cover remains valid until the pet reaches the destination country and will lapse within a period of 36 hours post arrival.


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There are a million things that one needs to worry about before leaving the country, or going away on a very long trip. However by purchasing the one way travel insurance, you will have one less thing to worry about. It is important to keep yourself covered for the length of the journey, since the costs of any untoward incident will be borne by the company, and not by you.

However, before you zero in on the one that you would like to buy, be sure to compare a handful of them and make sure that most of the requirements are met by the company.

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