Romantic Beach Getaway: The Kamalame Cay

Kamalame is one of the best romantic beach getaways in the world. It is stayed in North Andros, Bahamas. It's specially designed for enjoy romantic moment.

Romantic Beach Getaways

Romantic Beach Getaways

There are many beach getaways resort in the world. They offer various advantages for your anniversary, honeymoon, couple’s trip, vacation tour or romantic getaways. They offer super advantages for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and also arrange a gaming contest, swimming, racing contest. Concert, DJ Party and some other creative and cultural programs are also arranged by theme. All of these beach getaways are specially designed for its guest recreation. They generally give eye-catching and looking beautiful materials for the visitor coming to their resorts. Today I will discuss about Kamalame Cay beach getaways, because it is the best resort and highly designed for the guest. So I like to give it 1st in beach getaways. It is specially designed for enjoying romantic moments and holiday vacation.

The Bahamas: Kamalame Cay

beach in kamalame cay

Kamalame Cay is one of the best romantic beach getaways in the world. It is staying in North Andros, Bahamas. This Kamalame Cay occupies the Bahamas largest and least developed island, a lush and breezy landscape arranged by bougainvillea, limbo trees, bungalows designed like West-Indian style, villas and cottages.
The Kamalame Cay Island is a private Island covered 96 acres land and there are 34 rooms and many eye-catching features in this resort. Cottages and villas are made beside the sea so that you can enjoy the eye-catching scenery of the sea from your sitting bed. It is actually designed for recreation, sport fishing and utter relaxation and all of great features.
There are many elements of entertainment. Over-water spa, indoor and outdoor dining, tennis court, freshwater swimming pools all of these give a chance to enjoy the beautiful moment for the coming guests. 60 guests can enjoy these features at a time.
In fact, indoor and outdoor dining is great, features for people. Because when you feel bored, you can eat food outdoor dining. It helps you to both eating food and enjoys natural beauty. In the night, you can eat in the indoor dining. However, there are many enjoying features and elements in a room.
You will get air conditioned room, ceiling fans, iPod Players, coffee machine, mini bar, personal safe, book collection, bathrobe, slippers, brown Luxury toiletries, bug spray all of these in a whole room. It varies on room sizes and on your budget.
 If your budget is lower, you will not get all features. On the other hand, if your budget is expensive, then you can enjoy and unlock all features in these rooms. Moreover, you will get a private balcony/deck, sun loungers, beach bags and beach towels in the outdoors. Really, this resort contains a lot of recreational tool.
You can get offer or savings if you visit there in a whole family or groups or with your friends or with colleagues.

Room Management

kamalame cay rooms

There are different rooms for guest. These rooms vary to guests depending on their budget. The quality of the rooms is different from each other. There are many rooms in this resort. They are Marina Rooms, Cottage Suites, Beach Suites and Beach Rooms. I described about all of these rooms below.

Marina Rooms

These rooms are cheaper than all other rooms. The size of each room is 300 (Three Hundred) square feet. There is a verandah fronting of this room. This room is designed for two guests each. Food and beverage bar is equipped with ice bucket, coffee, tea and fully stocked refrigerator. There’s a bathroom with a shower, bath and beach towels and also included Brown amenities and plush terry robes. The room is totally wood-framed and looked very charming. Actually, these rooms are ideal for all guests at cheaper rate.

Cottage Suites

Cottage suites are looked more beautiful than marina rooms. It’s more expensive rather than Maria rooms. The size of each room is 700 (Seven Hundred) square feet. Each room includes 17 foot ceilings, every ceiling in peak-roofed. These rooms are wrapped in the French doors and sweeping verandas. There are a few distances between ocean and these rooms. You can easily watch the natural scenery of the ocean easily from these rooms beds. A room is designed for three guests including large sun-washed bathroom with a kind or it is named twin beds which are furnished nicely in stylish island decor. There is a small kitchen which is fully stocked with premium spirits, International wines, snacks, tea and French press. These cottages are specially designed for couples who want to visit to looking for a romantic retreat. Moreover, the white color of this room will make your mind more romantic. It will give you extra enjoyment because it is very nearest in the ocean.

Beach Suites

beach rooms cottage
These rooms are more expensive than Maria and Cottage Suites. Beach Rooms are highly designed for families, groups or friends travelling together. Because these rooms allow to connect you with all other rooms. So, you can easily communicate with your friends and families from these rooms. Each of these rooms size is 775 square feet. These rooms can cover three guests in a room. Every room includes a large living space, bathroom with sea view soaking tub and largest covered veranda. International wines, stereo system and best range of games and books unlock home features in this room. That can help you to enjoy both home and sea resort feeling.

Beach Rooms

Beach Rooms are fully designed for enjoying beach beauty from every side of the ocean. Its size is not large like Beach suites. Actually beach rooms are surrounded by ocean. You can think you are living above the water. Each size of this room is 575 square feet. The door of this room can be locked from both sides. It’s also connecting you with Beach Suites. These will great news for you if you visit with your friends, family or colleague because this room also connects you with all other rooms. As a result, you can easily communicate with your friends and family.

Room Pricing

The price of this service depends on your package, room size and how much you would like to stay. The price also varies by season. If you visit there in low season, you have to pay less rather than if you want to visit in high season, you have to pay much than low season. There’s also a special offer for children. They have to pay less rather than younger or older person. Children between 2-5 years don’t need to pay money.


Watch below video to see the enjoying and amazing pictures of Kamalame Cay. F At last, I hope your success and I want to thank you cordially for reading my whole post. I hope you will visit in beach getaways and you will share your experience with us. Actually, sea beach tours always give me much enjoyment and I am always wanting to go to sea beach tour again and again.

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