Best 15 romantic beach getaways

Best romantic beaches in summer

Best 15 romantic beach getaways
Best 15 romantic beach getaways
Summer is a granulated season for many people, despite the temperature rise, during it, they come out to parks, resorts, trips. Trips may take months and weeks, especially if summer vacation is with a life partner. And “Travelours” presents to you the notable romantic beaches that you can go with your wife, far from the cares of this world and life problems, sometimes there are some hot spots for romantic summer Getaways far from the usual places such as Rome, Bora Bora, and the Greek Islands, Paris, without noise.

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The following are some of the best places of romantic beach getaways this summer:

1- Playa Paraiso – Cuba:

playa paraiso beach
playa paraiso beach. source:
The blue Paraiso beach is one the best beaches romantic in the world, despite the prolonged abandonment of the tourists due to the problems between Cuba and America, but now, it is visited by many Americans, especially in an attempt from America to strengthen and restore normal relations. It features a delicate white sand and the wonderful ecosystem greatly suitable for scuba diving along the 25 kilometer.

2- Rabbit Beach – Lampedusa – Italy:

rabbit beach lampedusa italy
rabbit beach lampedusa italy
Lampedusa is considered closer to Tunisia than to Italy and Italians recognize themselves that the city is not Italian, it is closer to North Africa than to Europe. Rabbit beach is one of the most important and most beautiful romantic beach getaways with soft sand, glittering waters and pure atmosphere, warm most of the year.

3- white Beach– Philippines:

white Beach Philippines
white Beach Philippines source:
White beach is situated on Boracay Island which is a low island in the Philippines and extends along some 4.5 knots. Although it’s a small island, but it is filled with activities and you can practice many water sports there. It has many beaches, but the White Beach is the best among them, is the best in times of laziness and called in local language the” tropical paradise”. The best days to visit this beach is between December and February.

4- Hidden Beach – Easter Island – Australia:

Easter Islands
Easter Islands
Easter Islands are a group of 74 Island North-East coast of Australia and the island of Hidden is the biggest of them. This coastline is characterized by crystal-clear waters and golden silica sands that
Stretches 7 km along the beach. You can reach the island by using small boats from the ports of Chute and airy, this makes it atypical romantic beach getaway.

5- The most beautiful romantic beach resorts of the Turks and Caicos Islands

watch this fantastic video about TURKS and CAICOS from New Atlantis Full Documentaries :

Turks and Caicos Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, is an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The Bahamas is the closest of the other islands located in the southern parts. Turks and Caicos Islands are filled with many splendid resorts and marked with white sandy beaches and clear waters for snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoying the live, quiet corals, wonderful beaches that contain an impressive array of water sports that distinguish holidays in Turks and Caicos Islands resorts. It is an overview of the most romantic resorts of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Grace Bay Club

Grace Bay Club
Grace Bay Club image source:
Grace Bay Club is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean Sea, which attracts visitors to relax while enjoying the sunset, fishing and snorkeling in the crystal blue waters, while adults are attracted to the resort to enjoy the full massage in Anani resort, while children can enjoy the program of Kids Club town.

Tuscany resort:

Tuscany resort
Tuscany resort image source:
It is situated along the shore of Tuscany in a quiet place filled with natural beauty, and is characterized by luxury. The resort offers world-class luxury restaurants that tempt visitors with delicious aromas of grilled lobster and conch. Thither are many built-in amenities in Tuscany as an ideal romantic beach getaway for vacations.

The seven stars Resort

The seven stars Resort
The seven stars Resort image source:
Seven Stars Resort contains many means of entertainment and luxury. There are mosaics, hot spaces containing saltwater and surrounded by exclusive accommodation. You can enjoy the white sand beach and the view of tropical flowers. Seven-star Resort boasts shopping malls, great restaurants that can be reached easily on foot.

Turks & Caicos Beaches

Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort includes nineteen restaurants of beach villages (Key West, the Caribbean Sea, the Italian and French) which serves a great range of cuisines and types of fun appetite sushi for romantic dining. There are luxury rooms and suites, Spa, Royal bed, and furniture.

6-The most beautiful beaches in Mexico

Cancun, Quintana Roo

Cancun, Quintana Roo
Cancun, Quintana Roo
Mexico is from the coolest places that always features big attractions for many individuals who wish to enjoy the glamour and beauty as it is famous for having many wonderful attractions in addition to its privileged location, it also contains within it many wonderful coasts and many different beaches, which fascinates individuals from all over the world for the beauty and spectacular scenery of water, sand and many fish and animals. So it is an ideal romantic beach getaway.

Playa de Akumal
Playa de Akumal
Playa de Akumal image source:

It is one of the finest beaches in that it features a wonderful diving area contains numerous reefs that stretch up to 300 feet along the shore, which also gives the wonderful and attractive appearance to the entire place. It has many turtles, tropical fish and clean water, and also features a privileged location which gives him very calm in many times, and is also known for white sand and waters without waves and this makes it the coolest places for relaxation.

Balandra – Bahia Balandra

Balandra – Bahia Balandra
Balandra – Bahia Balandra source:
It is one of the finest beaches in Mexico as it features many rocks called the “Diamond rock”, also contains many sands, wind and water-worn rocks. And there are a protectress for safe swimming and a great site for cold water in the Pacific Ocean. It is not regarded as places that are crowded at the many times as it has many multiple amenities.

Playa La Ropa

It is one of the coolest types of beaches as it is known as clothes, beach for a wide range of colored fabrics that are along the beach, and is considered one of the main beaches in Mexico as it is known for its many water sports with parasailing. It is also characterized by the presence of jet skis and contains many different types of restaurants that make individuals enjoy eating the best foods after a stroll on the beach in a perfect romantic getaway.

7- Negril – Jamaica

“Of course, you may abandon the sunny sandy beaches to go to see crocodiles or riding, Imagine that you see (7 Mile Beach ), it will become clear what attracts couples to Negril.
you will find many places that you can enjoy a quiet sunbath. ”

8- Saint Betty Beach – Florida

dolphins dance on the beach
dolphins dance on the beach
“White sands and dolphins dance on the beach plus the eight main islands, makes Saint Betty Beach an ideal tourist destination and atypical romantic beach getaway, located on the West coast of the peninsula of Florida, it is the perfect place to test the city’s beauty and magic Sunshine in the state.

9- Boracay – Philippines

“Up to 4.5 miles only, you can roam in Boracay with a bicycle or a rented motorcycle, but don’t underestimate its size, there are a number of beautiful beaches that you can choose.”

10- Cancun – Mexico

“Not only is this place for spring vacation, Cancun’s magical beaches and best weather made it the first couples destination for weekends in Mexico.”

11- Punta Cana :

“That’s what the Caribbean postcards made of, best white sand, pure water as Crystal and swaying coconut trees, Punta Cana in Dominican Republic is also known as tropical destination that is not expensive, since it contains many all-inclusive romantic vacations resorts.

12- Miami Beach:

“On the coast of Miami Beach in Florida, you can enjoy swimming, windsurfing and cycling in this warm and crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean.”

13- The Golden Horn Beach is from the most beautiful beaches of Croatia

Golden Horn Beach is located within the island of Brac in Croatia near the village of Paul, and extends to reach about 185 meters, and is on the distinct beaches on the island of Brac. It attracted many visitors to the island as it characterized by distinguishing picturesque landscapes which enchant the eye in addition to pure and blue beach water and soft sand that visitors enjoy sitting. Golden Horn Beach features an attractive form as it looks like the edge of the tongue, pine trees spread on white soft, golden sand of the beach, plus mountains scattered beside the beach, all this makes Golden Horn attract tourists to it from around the world and all the days of the year, it is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia and worldwide.
It is worth mentioning that the beach of the Golden Horn features many activities as visitors can enjoy swimming on this charming Beach, scuba diving and enjoying the coral reefs around the beach plus it is able to hire a boat and enjoy a voyage into the beach and in addition to watching the beauty of the beach from inside with pine trees scattered on the beach. The Golden Horn Beach features best restaurants And which is known for offering various seafood plus cafes.

14- Flamenco-Culebra Beach – Puerto Rico:

The Puerto Rico owns one of the best beaches in the world and the best is its calmness far from pollution and urbanization so only accessible via San Juan using the plane on a short trip or a using a ferryboat.

15- Grace Bay-Turks and Cassius:

It is the best beach where you will feel your comfort and peace, especially from December to April and from June to August. Mainly Caribbean Islands beaches are the best in the world with its great beauty and warm water and set of scenic views of magnificent nature.

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